Invoice sent in USD, paid by client but attributed to new invoice?

Hi Guys, i’m a little confused…
I sent an invoice in USD (#212) to a client, the client has paid the invoice via paypal, however the payment has been attributed to/created another invoice #214 due to being paid from a different email address. The balance is showing in GBP so I’m having a problem assigning the payment to this correct invoice of #212.

Can you help explain how I can sort this out?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @sitewideuk

If the invoice #214 is a duplicate, you can safely delete it.

With a multi-currency payment, you would need to log it from the invoice itself, by clicking “Log Payment”:

This will create a new bank transaction, like this:

However, you can safely delete any duplicates that are untagged.

The other option would be to use the pre-payments option, referenced here (note - adding a prepayment is now found in the ‘More Options’ menu).

I hope that helps!

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