Invoices for donations and multiple customers with no data


  1. It is ok if for donations, cash, I create clients with names like “Donations @Winter Festival” to can issue an invoice?

  2. When I have multiple sales in one day, at a fair, cash, for multiple customers with no data, it is ok if I create a client with a name like “Customers @Art and Craft Fair” to can issue an invoice for money received in that day?

Thank you so much for your support!

Hi @Vasile_Pascuta

  1. Yes, that should be fine. You may find the following topic useful:
    Charity booking - recording donations

  2. That should also be fine. It would be a similar to running a shop where the sales are logged under a generic name. There’s a knowledge base article on this here

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the answer!
It is very important or helpful to add a new code for donations?
I try to keep the things simple.
In my case I offered free things, for accepting donations.

I don’t think it would matter so much what nominal code you add it to, but keeping it separate could certainly help in case any queries were ever raised.

If in doubt, I would always recommend speaking to an accountant (I’m not one)