IR35 how to assign tax & NI deductions to balance invoice payment

My personal services company invoiced the client using Quickfile and received payment after deduction of tax and NI, following the off-payroll IR35 rules. My invoice is shown as partial and my accountant wants me to balance the accounts by recording the total deductions as going to tax and NI lumped together. How do I do this? Grateful for your advice.

Hello @weeninja

We’re not able to assist with individual bookkeeping, only how to use QuickFile.

If your accountant can advise how they would like you to clear that balance, perhaps we can suggest how to do this on QuickFile?

I did find this topic however from another QuickFile user, @FaradayKeynes, which may help:
IR35 - How do I show shortfall payments for an invoice?

Hello @QFMathew

Thanks for your reply. My accountant has at last explained how he would like me to clear the balance of those Partial Invoices: he is a bit vague, but he suggests first that they could be posted against a Payroll Control Account, and then he added that the Nominal Account 2210 P.A.Y.E. would be appropriate. How can I do this on QuickFile?

Best wishes, Wee Ninja

For moving balances like this you can use the journalling tool. This is a standard feature in almost all accounting software systems. It allows you to Credit one nominal ledger and Debit another.

From the top menu in QuickFile select the option “Reports” then “Journals”. Now click the green button to create a new journal. You then be able to move any balances around as required, I would definitely defer back to your accountant on how that journal should be formulated as this is well within their domain.

Thanks @QFMathew, I will go with that.