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Is affinity the best option for small businesses

I cannot decide if affinity is the right option for me, I do the bookkeeping for three businesses all unrelated plus my personal accounts. Two of the three businesses fall into the small enterprises and one is medium and also vat registered although given the latest covid-19 problem will de-register in the next few months.

What are the advantages and disadvantages and costs for infinity given the above business size.

Please help me to decide because I want to stop using a well known software package now!

Hi JamesB,
That is a question which can only you answer. Affinity and and the bookkeeping accounts are different with different features. Have a look here: https://community.quickfile.co.uk/c/knowledgebase/affinity and read through the knowledge base.
In your case: The bookkeeping accounts for the 3 mentioned accounts are free of charge - you have to pay for affinity, click: herehttps://www.quickfile.co.uk/home/affinitypricing . But in affinity you can access all 3 accounts with 1 login.
For more info look here: QuickFile Affinity overview

I am still confused I have no idea what the costs would be for the businesses I described using Affinity and you speak about the affinity and the book keeping accounts being different. How are they different?

I think the confusion is because @JamesB is describing the type of client book keeping and @rhc is describing the type of tier levels for the cost per month.

@JamesB the size of the accounts for the purpose of quickfile is based on the number of transactions that are made. You need to work this out in order to calculate whether the cost for having each client set up individually will be less than having an affinity account.

From what I can see is that choosing an affinity account would be more convenient with only one dashboard but at a cost even for a small business with fewer than 500 transactions. If I was to choose affinity and wanted bank feeds to each account would there be a £15 fee for each bank feed?

The cost for bank feeds is per account. Regardless of how many feeds each account has

Just to clarify in addition to Paul_Courtier, The cost for the bank feed is per bookkeeping/accounting account and not per affinity account. So, in your case: if you take automated bank feed for all three accounts you mentioned that would be £45 and each account can have as many bank feeds as you want and/or available (as Paul_Courtier said before).
For affinity pricing: have look here - https://www.quickfile.co.uk/home/affinitypricing. In your case, with 2 small and 1 medium, it would be £5.52 per month.
I hope this helps.

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Thank you RHC
Your answer fully answered my questions, Much appreciated

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