Itemised area customisation

Is there any was to customise the headings in the itemised area? It currently say tasks, notes rate, days and total. Also I’d like to adjust the width of the columns if possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi @shandyboy

To change the names of the headings you will have to use some CSS. The following article will talk you through what you need to do: CSS transformations

I’ve asked a colleague who’s more experienced with CSS on whether you can adjust the column width. One of us will be in touch with you shortly with an outcome.

Hi @shandyboy

You should be able to change the width of the headings with some CSS changes.

Are you familiar with CSS? If not, let us know what you’re looking to change and we’ll see how we can help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, I’ve not really played with CSS but I’m happy to play.
I would like the first column to be wider and the second to be narrower and called date. This column is a lot wider than the task column so maybe just swap the widths around.
Alternatively leave the columns with the widths that they have and then simply rename the task column to date and the notes column to task.
Does that make sense?

Hi @shandyboy

Each column has its own class (e.g. thItem1), so it would be the case of specifying the CSS width for these (although you may need to add !important too).

I’ll mock this up tomorrow for you and let you know the outcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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