L and XL accounts - locked out of our QF page


I have tried to log into our QF account today, however, to my surprise, a message relating to Large and Extra Large accounts came up and would not allow me to proceed further without paying. We are a start-up micro business (based on TO). Although I have only just managed to find information about how accounts are categorised on QF, I an unable to check the number of entries we have made as I cannot log in. Furthermore, this is the first time I’ve received any kind of notification relating to the account size.

It feels as though as we are kept hostage, as without paying we cannot access our accounting information. I think that perhaps, if there is an issue that might potentially restrict access to account, this out to be communicated in a different way with easier contact for QF, rather than having to post details on forums.

Can you please get in touch with me in order to resolve this. Thank you!


Hi @Premier

I’ve taken a look at your account and can see that you currently have 1,398 nominal entries created within the last 12 months, which means your account falls into the ‘L’ category.

We won’t prevent access to your account. I can see that a deferral has been activated which means you have a few more days to log into your account without any charges.

The announcement of the £45 + VAT per year fee was first announced over a year ago on these forums, as well as on social media and on the account dashboards themselves.

I recommend taking a look at the following guides and checking out the ledger count, so you can see how this is broken down for your account:

Account size explained

What items make up your ledger count

How to check the size of your account

I hope that helps.

@Premier, the labels that QF use for account size are, in my view, misleading, only the tinyest of businesses will scrape in under the 1000 ledger entry barrier… As another “micro business” we are running at just over 1900 ledger entries. Having to pay came as a bit of a shock for us but having run with the paid service I think that what we get is good value for the price.

As a guide, one sales or purchase invoice with no VAT, paid in a single bank transaction, will give rise to 4 nominal ledger entries, so five invoices per week (e.g. two sales and three purchases) times 50 weeks per year will be enough to hit the “large” threshold of 1000. With VAT each invoice means 5 nominal entries instead of 4, so four per week hits the threshold.

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