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Lost Referral Link after resetting account

I have set up a new account and have used the referral link to link this to my account.
I then entered test data for purchase and sales to see how the QF dealt with the transfers. Initially, this test data worked well. I then reset the new account to clear the data and entered real sales and purchase orders and sent them to my account - the links did not work. The result was the normal email.
I can only presume that in clearing the new account the referral link was broken?
Can you please advice on how to fix the broken link?

Hello @gjwguk

I just want to be sure I understand the situation correctly here so I can assist you.

Do you mean the referral link as in the referral scheme, or the linking between a supplier and a client?

If it’s the latter, when you reset your account did you delete all suppliers and clients, or just the delete all invoices and payments?

The referral link in the referral scheme.
I cleared the account by “Clear all data in your account”…

Ok, thank you for confirming. I’ve checked your account ending 700, and I can see there is one referral still tied to the account (Help >> Referrals). Is the account listed there the one you’re referring to, or is there another account that should be shown?

I just want to check however, what email are you referring to here?

The normal email refer to the SEND in the Invoice management screen

Right - I think there’s a bit of confusion here.

The referral link doesn’t result in a supplier to client link - they are separate.

The referral link gives you a discount on your power user subscription if another account is set up and purchases a subscription as a result of your unique link.

Whereas a supplier to client link allows you to push invoices from the supplier to the client. From what you’ve said, I believe this is the part you’re having the issue with, as this would be treated differently when “sending an invoice”.

I would expect this link to be removed if the account was completely wiped, in which case, you can set it up again by following this guide:
How to link two QuickFile accounts

I hope this helps, but please do let me know if you need any further assistance.

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