Manage Commissions deducted at Debit card processing source for hotel bookings

Hi @amrrichards

This is quite a common scenario, and you’ll be glad to hear that it’s one that trips a lot of people up.

The way to handle this is to create a holding bank account on QuickFile which would be treated as the money that your payment processor (in your case, Stripe) has on your behalf.

In this bank account, you basically end up with 3 transactions for every 1. I’ll give you an example:

  1. £50.00 IN tagged to the sales invoice
  2. £1.40 OUT tagged to purchase invoice for Stripe (the invoice is optional, but Stripe does provide a monthly invoice)
  3. £49.30 OUT tagged as a transfer to your current account

This accounts for the £50.00 your client paid, the fee and what you actually receive.

There’s more on this in our knowledge base, which should hopefully help. If you do need further help though, please don’t hesitate to ask.