Metrobank feed?

Is a Metrobank feed planned? My accounting business uses Metrobank, and I have 4 clients who want to use QFile but won’t start without a Metrobank feed.

Hi @bloodwoodaccounting

Please see the post from last year regarding Metrobank: Update regarding Metro Bank and Co-op Bank

Unfortunately, nothing has changed as they still don’t support Open Banking

Oh thanks so much. Sorry to bother you about something already posted - I couldn’t find the search function on the community board.

I’m chasing this up with Metrobank directly now.

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if not already done, you can find the search function on the top right hand side. Just click the magnifying glass :grinning:

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Thanks for the hint there - but my screen does not look like that…?
Screenshot from 2021-09-09 12-33-36

Hi @bloodwoodaccounting

Do you see any icons on the forum? If not, it may be that a browser plugin is blocking them as they come from a library called FontAwesome.

Ah thankyou for the hint. That is likely the problem. I will reinstall Firefox and get back to you only if further problems.