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Multiple Accounts / Yodlee Bank Feed Integration

  1. Is a separate Quickfile account needed to run personal accounts (self employed) in addition company accounts (ltd)?

  2. Is a separate Yodlee Bank Feed subscription needed for two independent bank accounts (in relation to question above)?

  3. Can a refund be issued if Yodlee does not work with QuickFile despite the bank(s) being listed as supported?


Hi @Mark_Wyllie

I’ll try to address your points for you.

These would be need to be separate QuickFile accounts as they are two different legal entities. QuickFile itself isn’t really designed for personal finances, but I am aware of people who use it for this purpose.

If you do have more than one account however, I would recommend taking a look at Affinity, which allows you to have one username and password to access multiple accounts. This does have different pricing compared to the standalone accounts, but in most cases it will be work out more cost effective.

These links may be of some help here:

If you have 2 separate QuickFile accounts, then a subscription would be required for each. If they are 2 bank accounts on the same account, then only one subscription is required.

This would be assessed by our billing department on a case-by-case basis. Really, if a bank is listed then it should work. Although if you could tell us what bank you use (e.g. HSBC Personal, Barclays Business, Lloyds Business etc), we should be able to tell you more confidently what the chances of it working are.

Hope that helps!