Multiple Bank Feed

We have a second bank account, different bank so different login.
Can we have a second bank feed? When i click on More Options, there is not option to activate a bank feed.

Hi @chrisbawden

What bank is the feed for? Providing it’s one that we support, then you should be able to do this.

If you’re not seeing the “Activate Bank Feed” option, just check if you see the bank logo on that page. If not, go to More Options >> Settings, and change the bank name to the correct one.

Hi @QFMathew

It is for metro bank, i don’t see it as a option on the drop down.

Hi @chrisbawden

Unfortunately Metro Bank doesn’t support the Open Banking API.

You can find a full list of supported banks, here:

For a bit of background, here’s more details on the Metro support: Update regarding Metro Bank and Co-op Bank

no problem, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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Hello Mathew,

under the list of supported banks and types of accounts linked to above - First Direct is shown as supporting Credit Card accounts.

I use a First Direct Credit Card account on Quickfile but cannot connect it to open banking ??
If I try to ‘Activate Bank Feed’ from the account I get the message “There are currently no Open Banking feeds that are available to map to this bank account” ?

If I go to the settings for that account the ‘Bank Name’ is correct and the 'Account Type’ is Credit Card (greyed out) …??

Does it matter what I call the account under ‘Account Name’

Hi neilpercy,
when you click on Account Settings in the blue bar at the top, and then on Open Banking Feed (first option under 3rd Party) can you see your First Direct Credit Card Feed is activated and Status is OK?
If so, do you see the bank logo in front of the bank name in your bank account overview section (click Banking on the blue bar at the top)?

Hi rhc,

on the Open Banking page I see my First Direct Current Account listed as Status: OK and the First Direct logo. Credit Card account not listed.

And yes, I do see the First Direct logo next to both my Current Account and my Credit card.

Are these accounts under one login with your bank or do you have different login details for current and credit card account? Quickfile only allows one feed per bank (one login details, doesn’t matter how many accounts are under one login)

Yes, both accounts under one login.

Hi @neilpercy,

When you gave access to the bank for the open banking feed you should have been given a list of the available accounts. You would then have had to select both the credit card and the current account during the linking stage.

If you revoke the access and then start again please check that you have given access to the two accounts. You are unable to set up a link to the same bank twice

That’s probably it Beth… when I initially setup the Bank Feed First Direct were not offering access to the Credit Card account, just the Current account.

I’ll delete the feed and see if I am offered access to both accounts now…

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@QFBeth, I deleted the feed and started again - I still only get offered access to Current accounts at First Direct (I have 2, one for business) but no Credit Card accounts, see below??

(These are both current accounts)

Hi @neilpercy,

Unfortunately you may need to speak with your bank to ask them whether the credit card you have is compatible with Open Banking.

But that is where it should show for you to allow the access.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful but unfortunately this is out of our hands as it is on the banks side of things

Hi @QFBeth,

I have just spoken to First Direct and they say that they do support access to Credit Card accounts via Open Banking.

They tell me there were issues in March this year (not sure if Credit Card specific or with open banking in general) and that they updated their API sometime in late March and wondered if you were aware of this?



Hi @neilpercy,

Thank you for letting us know. I will double check with the dev team to make sure we are up to date :slight_smile:

Hi @neilpercy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we are currently in the process of going through and updating the banking feeds, they are hoping that First Direct should be updated by the end of next week.

Obviously it’s hard to give an accurate timescale but as soon as it is completed I will let you know

Thanks for getting back to me Emma, there’s no real rush for me, just wanted to get it working eventually.



Hi @neilpercy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The First Direct feed should be allowing for Credit Cards now. Please let me know if you have any problems

Thanks Beth,

I finally got round to trying the feeds again and all is working well - I can connect both my Current Acc and my Credit Card Acc (and a couple of others if I wanted to).

Thanks for all your help,



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