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Multiple Companies in single login


Hi, i run multiple companies. Is there any possible to have a single login for all my company accounts?. Also is there any charge for integrating bank feeds, is this supported in your free version?.


Hi @nrksyogrp

To use one login for several accounts, you would need to use our Affinity platform. This allows you to connect multiple accounts and access them at a click of a button.

There’s more information on this here

The direct bank feeds (within your account) can be set up and is charged at £15 + vat per year. This is per QuickFile account, so if you have 1 or 10 bank accounts connected, the fee remains the same.


Hi, you mean that under Affinity Account i can link all my 3 companies into one account login?. Each company has its own bank account and paypal accounts. Now i pay a total of £15 + vat per year only?

Also, i may use different accountants for mu each company. So, can i limit which accountant can access which company details?

Also, i like to setup payroll for my employees. So will it allow to log timesheets, payslips etc.?


That’s correct. Effectively, you would just log into your Affinity account, which would then present you a list of your accounts (similar to the one shown in the link I included above), and you can just log in directly from there.

There are a few things to note here.

  1. Affinity attracts its own fees, but each linked account doesn’t require a power user subscription
  2. The Yodlee bank feed subscription is a separate subscription and would be chargeable on a per-account basis
  3. PayPal however is available for free.

This would depend on your accountant. Typically a user would connect their QuickFile account to their accountant’s Affinity account. But each QuickFile account can only be connected to 1 Affinity account at one time. If your accountant doesn’t use Affinity, then you could add them as a regular team member to each account.

QuickFile doesn’t have any direct payroll facilities, but we do connect with The Payroll Site. I recommend doing a quick search on the forum regarding this as other users have posted about this topic previously.

On a side note, Affinity does come with a £10 free credit, so you’re more than welcome to sign up and give it a go before committing to anything.

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