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Multiple Invoicing

I am concerned that we are not approaching this correctly?
We are at a stage when when we are sending out 200-300 invoices to our members. I have just signed up as a Power User which will speed up the process of entering multi-invoices.
The initial problem is that the club officials have a discount of 100% on fees as they are providing a service to the club. I have read that the way to deal with this is to credit the invoice because QF does not invoice for 0.0 GBP (Zero). When we are dealing with up to 50 credits it makes the task a bit onerous and when tagging the invoice to a project it returns nothing of significance. Is there a way round this problem of mine?

We don’t support zero value invoices at the moment, it may be something we introduce in the future. The thing is with zero value invoices they have no accounting relevance so they were never included as a feature from the beginning.

I am aware people use zero value invoices to reflect when something is given away for free so appreciate they can be useful. I’ve re-opened the following thread so users can add thier vote and comment further.


I’ve just thought of a way round the Zero cost invoices…
Could we assign the invoice category to “Discount allowed” and mark it as paid?
But to what journal or account would you suggest we connect it to bearing in mind that the project should be showing as a cost.

Discount allowed is just a nominal code (like general sales) and the invoices would still show with the original amounts on to the clients, is that ok? Also you still need to pay those invoices somewhere or credit note them to remove them from your debtor account.

Zero value invoices would be of value to us as well.

To me it makes more sense to raise the invoice with a value at the item level and then apply a 100% discount to the total.

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