Multiple items on one invoice - CSV Invoice Upload

Hi, I’m knew to quick file and am trying to upload a multiple item line invoice for one client into quick file using the csv upload but it creates a seperate invoice for each line (for the same client). Is this a feature that is completely unavaible in quick file or can it be a paid for feature. It would be a fab feature to inlcude for business who’s invoices include many different items as the upload itself works incredibly well.

Hi @MarieA

Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment. There is however a feature request open at the moment which you’re welcome to add your vote to if you wish:

Where are your invoices coming from at the moment? If your CSV file is from another piece of software for example, there may be a way around it with API. If you can give me a few more details, I’ll see if I can suggest a workaround for you :slight_smile:

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