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New business Distrubution Company to use quickfile. Is it good system?

I hope this is in the correct section.

Im looking to take on an extra new business.
It is an existing distribution company with existing stock and existing clients.

This is how the system currently works however id like to make it more user friendly, have more features that i want to look at, and be able to employ somebody to easily enter the figures etc.

Existing system:
Company buys in stock from around 6x suppliers.
Company only stocks 6x items currently.
Company delivers roughly the same quantity of items to the same existing customers per week on the same days.

The accounts system is old.
It partly uses excel from a really old version, partly a custom old program that doesnt function properly on existing versions of Windows and various other papers and bits that get given to their accountant.
It works but its far too complicated and outdated.
It cant not give me the information I want to see at a glance.

This is what I want to do.

Increase no of items stocked and so increase suppliers.
Increase existing sales of new items to existing customers.
Get new customers.

I want the accounts system / quickfile to easily be able to offer the following and more:

Manage stock levels - when new stock comes in and stock gets sold. Easily see at a glance how much is in stock of each item.

Manage customers - See how much they order weekly/monthly.

Costs of sale - Easily see the cost price and sale price of items, link this to customers and stock to see how much gross profit is made per customer / per delivery to a customer.

Easy input - unskilled person to be able to easily enter new stock levels into the system.
unskilled person to be able to raise an invoice for a customer.
unskilled person to be able to check stock levels, print and check delivery notes etc.

Access levels - set different access levels for different staff. Can person1 be able to only enter stock, only do invoicing etc?

Price levels - can price breaks for volume discount be set? Can different prices for different customers be set?

I also want to be able to look at how profitable each customer is, how much customers order, how much is sold of each item per week etc.

Is there anything else im missing

Thanks for the info

Hi @adnw

QuickFile is a pretty flexible tool, so I’m sure most of what you are asking for can be achieved to some extent. That said, there is no built-in stock control system, so things like adjusting stock levels isn’t going to be possible.

Things such as weekly sales can be possible. For example, you can do an advanced search by clients and include net figures over a set period (a week, a month, a year, etc.).

We do support account privileges which are configurable on a user-by-user basis. There’s a list of what’s available here: Configuring privileges for your team

With this, there’s no direct report to give you these figures. However, you could use project tags to group purchase and sales invoices. Project tags come with their own profit and loss reports and can show both invoice and cash-based income/expenses totals. The basics of project tags can be found here: Projects in QuickFile

I hope this helps, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.

I don’t think your question on discounts was answered. While being a great fan of QF I must say that I have seen no way to automatically apply discounts to customers or classes of customers or to automatically adjust pricing by volume.

I can apply different discount rates by creating the cash value of the discount as a product with a negative value. But if there are two different rates depending on the customer then I have to know which rate to apply (eg which customers are “sale or return” and which are “no returns”).

Apologies - I did miss that point.

But @FolkLondon is correct in that there’s no automated way of applying discounts at present. There is however a feature request for this, which you’re welcome to add your vote to: Custom client discount

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