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New Dashboard

@Glenn Yes that’s right. I had a large airfare which was purchased and reimbursed by a client ahead of travel. The travel was cancelled and I received a refund. So I have large credit notes against the purchase and sales invoice. It would be great to include them in the graph (they are accounted for in the tabular view which show so negative numbers).

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I’d definitely like to see the bar chart summary thing compacted so the pinboard can be moved up and the log sited where the pinboard is. The summary chart is completely irrelevant and meaningless to me, doesn’t really show me any information at a glance. I’d be happy to see it gone completely, or an option to remove it at least. As the information is now in nice boxes can it not be made to be more customisable, each thing being a tile we can add/remove/locate as we please? Seems to be almost at that point as it is anyway.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll feed this back to the team and let you know if anything changes.

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Hello Glen,

I was on about if you give the client say 7 days to pay & they don’t you send them one of three warning letters. This warning came up at the top of the old dashboard.


I have a preference for the original Dashboard as the Experimental version has the majority of the screen filled by overview reports. While these reports have a certain level of interest they are not an essential aspect to managing what is to be done.

The option in “Team Settings” ****.quickfile.co.uk/secure/account/team.aspx to pick the version of Dashboard required for the team member would be useful.

Will you confirm that the original Dashboard will always be available as a choice?

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We will implement some degree of customisation on the new dashboard in the coming weeks. We have no immediate plans to remove the original dashboard. It will be depreciated at some point, but not before we’ve introduced some additional options to customise those panels.


I’m not a Luddite but I do prefer the original dashboard and sincerely hope it remains as an option.

The only change to the original dashboard I would like to see is to the expanded chart views of sales and purchases.

My business is to a greater extent seasonal so showing the last 12 months is not really informative. What I would like to see is a bar chart with months displayed side by side with previous years and with an optional multi line chart also showing previous years.

Perhaps seeing year on year growth is something people would like to see on the new dashboard?

I agree this would be very useful, it’s something we’re looking to add shortly.

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My purchases bar chart shows a couple of months with outstanding invoices when all invoices have been paid in that month and the total amount of purchases does not match the actual total of purchases made in that month. i.e. total purchases shown for Jul 2020 is £17.941.61 on the chart and £21,350.70 when you look at the sum of July purchases in Purchase Management (July Search).
Not sure the chart is picking up the correct data or I’m not reading things correctly?
Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 10.10.49 Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 11.23.51

Hi @tc5440,

I will send you a private message to look into this further with you

Did you pay any of them in advance? Does June show more paid than invoiced?

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I use quickfile a lot and for some reason none of them are appearing as they used to now.
The dashboard word is in a light grey and none of the headings seem to appear next to the word dashboard. And everything else seems to not be appearing properly. It all appears on the righthand side of the screen and not in the usual writing.
I have tried revert dashboard but nothing works

Any Ideas what could be wrong

Hi @betty

Are you able to send me a screenshot please? I’ll start a private message for you to upload this - you should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

@betty that doesn’t seem to be related to the new dashboard, but more likely some style components that are being blocked by your browser or anti-virus software. We’ll send you a PM and get some more info, in the mean time try using a different browser to see if the problem persists.

I’ve waited a while before posting this as I knew you were still working on it. When I started with QF I didn’t realise the implications of the nominal code and “Current account”. You can’t get get rid of it if you haven’t used it for years. My more recent banks have obviously taken on 1201, 1202 etc. and I can hide 1200 in the banking screen but…
…your new dashboard puts a bank at the top of the list that I had virtually forgotten existed and there’s no way to get rid of it. It sits there annoying me every time I log in. It doesn’t help that it was called Coconut!
Perhaps you will introduce more personalisation to the new dashboard as time goes on?

I also no longer use 1200, but it doesn’t appear in the dashboard for me - if you check the settings for that account (on the banking overview screen “more options -> sort/hide accounts” will show the hidden ones, then you can click the relevant “options” button) there’s a checkbox in the bank account settings for “show bank account summary on the dashboard”. If that is ticked, try un-ticking it and “update details”.

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As per Ian’s post, you can go into the account settings and untick the box “Show bank account summary on the dashboard”.


If the account is already hidden on the main list however it shouldn’t appear in the dashboard regardless, so we’ll look into that.

Anything more being done with the dashboard? I notice the rest of the site has been updated to match the new dashboard style but I’m using the old dashboard because the new one is mostly irrelevant or whitespace.

All I need is the total you’re owed/total you owe, banking totals, the log and the pinboard. As it stands the log is missing (need to scroll down to see it) because the top of the page is covered in lines and squiggles.

We will be exploring different approaches to dashboard customisation in the coming weeks. Nothing finalised as yet, we need to work on a few mockups first. I’m curious about the log positioning as compaing the old and new dashboards, the log is roughly in the same place (i.e. appended to the bottom of the screen). I think on the old dashboard I can see 10 items vs 6 on the new, without scrolling.

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It’s in the same place but on the old dashboard I see 4 items vs none on the new one without scrolling. So the relative positioning sounds the same, I’m guessing I maybe just have a different toolbar/menu bar set up and I’m using Firefox.