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New VAT Return Not Working

Trying to create VAT return and it states connecting to HMRC and then shows me a list of previous sumitted returns up to 31/10/20 but there is no way to calculate a new period from 01/11/2020 to check current VAT amount. Please can someone advise what to do?

Hi @MaLo,

Have you checked through this guide? Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

Hi, thank you, I have checked thriugh the guide and I have also unlinked and relinked to HMRC but the problem is still the same.

Hi @MaLo,

Are you seeing any errors at all?

Im not seeing any errors, it is as I put at the beginning but I forgot to say the list of previous submissions is in a pop up and the only way of exiting is by using the back arrow on my browser.

If you are signed up for MTD then the list of periods that you see are what we are sent from HMRC, if a period is not showing in that box that you are expecting to see then it is them you would need to contact.

I am not aware of them showing future periods until they are getting close to the end of that period - if you are wanting to run a dummy VAT return then you will need to remove your online filing settings

Thank you Beth, that makes sense because I ran dummy VAT returns before my first QF/HMRC submission and just presumed I would still be able to!

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