One Drive for Business/Sharepoint Online

We use sharepoint for all file storage and only have a Dropbox account for QuickFile which is a pain. So please add my vote for this.

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We also only use Dropbox for sending receipts to QuickFile. We use sharepoint/onedrive otherwise.

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Plus one for this. Microsoft are going out of their way to push OneDrive with everything. It’s the path of least resistance

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@Jacob_Mulberry, are you paying for a business dropbox? ie if Onedrive was integrated, that would save the cost of DropBox

@JSM, Do you have a personal or a business version of O365, as if either Business Essentials or Premiun you get OneDrive for Business. I use both, to keep business and personal life separate (also in part GDPR).

For info Skype for Business is being phased out for MS Teams (think of it as skype with nested conversations for different teams/groups, each with different “channels” of conversation and file storage, that is actually stored on sharepoint/onedrive… It also integrates with Planner (think Trello) and a to do list… oh and fully mobile/tablet friendly

All in one place - it has become my go to app…

That is 10% of views agreeing with this, in a week… Is that a threshold “passed”???

Sorry @HammerofPompey - Not sure I follow here?

How many people have to ask for this for it to go on the enhancement list? Is is a number, a percentage of views over a period of time.

10% of people viewing approve, in a week - not unreasonable to assume 10% of your clients would do likewise if they saw the idea. or do you need 10% of clients full stop, or ??? What are the “rules” for an idea to go from suggestion to approved to planned to implemented???

We regularly review the suggestions and implement them based on a number of factors (interest, feasibility and relevance for example).

There have been 6 people commenting on this post in support of it, which is certainly a good start.

We’ll review the feature requests when we’re looking at implementing a new feature in the future, and we’ll certainly let you know here if anything changes in relation to this request.

SharePoint has a REST API that allows you to do things like list files in a folder, get file content, and move files from one folder to another, so it should be possible to run up something similar to what I did for Google Drive, either as a local PowerShell type script or as something running in the cloud (Azure functions?).

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No, we’re not paying for business dropbox, so it’d just be more convenient for us if we could use onedrive with the receipts function.

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True, but that requires a level of technical skill many SME’s will not have…

I would add my name to a request for integrating QuickFile with Microsoft Sharepoint and/or OneDrive.

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Another vote for OneDrive/SharePoint here. I use both Office 365 Home and Business Essentials.

It’s difficult for us to build native solutions for all the different storage providers. There’s also a strong case for Google Drive, and then maybe Amazon S3 and others later.

Our preferred path here is to provide support to the developer community so that an intermediate system can be built using our API and the QuickFile Marketplace.

I’m not ruling out a native solution, although unfortunately it’s difficult to prioritise in the short term.

+1 for OneDrive in addition to Dropbox

The way to vote is click the vote button at the top!

Also though, there is this one which is likely to be more widely useful rather than loads of one off integrations.

We already use Zapier but are slowly pulling back after the number of Zaps we were doing across the business started to have an impact on price, it was fine at $20 per month but when we went to $50 per month we started to think a bit more - $600 per year :slight_smile:

Might also be worth thinking about IFTTT - altho’ they seem to be having a different pricing model now

I’ve managed to split mine up a bit to keep them on the free tier, so rather than doing one 4 step Zap I do three 2 step Zaps.

The Dropbox/Drive one I think you can do in 2 steps anyway, I just use more than 2 because I move the files from a source folder then copy them to Dropbox. You could just skip the first step.

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