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Open banking account error

I made the switch to the Open Banking feeds for my Santander accounts which was made without any problems.

Unfortunately, during the set up, I accidentally connected a personal account to a Business Saver account and can’t work out how to correct it. I removed the feed and then tried to activate it but I only get the option to connect to the same (wrong) account.

How do I correct this, or will I have to revoke and start again?


Hi @Smardons,

You will need to revoke and then start again to be able to grant access to the correct account.

Hope this helps



I have done this but the account I want, a Santander Business Reward Saver, is not listed as available to set up as a bank feed. I don’t think it was there the first time I set it up hence my error. The only accounts available are my 123 Business Account, 123 Personal Account and a another personal account. I was able to select it using the old method so is likely to be a Santander fault?

Hi @Smardons

At the moment, only current accounts are available through Open Banking (this will change in the future). Any other bank account types will be available through Yodlee for the time being.

There’s more on this, here: Switching to Open Banking

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