Opening balance not entered


When I first started using this system (06/02/2019) I didn’t put in an opening balance. I am now trying to put the balance in but it says I can’t enter an amount for that date as it’s in a locked accounting period. I completed the year end journal up to 30/11/2019.
It won’t let me do it from 01/12/2019 as it says there are transaction before this date.

Please can you advise how I get the opening balance for 06/02/2019 correct on Quickfile?

I have read through the topics & saw a mention of rolling back the journal but don’t know how to do that & will it have any impact on the invoices / VAT etc paid ?

Many thanks


Hi @cgcltd,

You won’t be able to enter the opening balances unless you roll back the locks (so the year end journal) the other alternative would be to enter a correcting journal on 01/12/2019 similar to that of the opening balances but you can enter it yourself to get the balances aligned.

I found this example which may help how to create the journal

Sorry Beth, still not with it.
I don’t know how to debit the bank & credit suspense or how to journal the balance out of suspense into general sales. Can you provide screen shots?
I initially started to use this for the new VAT return system only, but now i see the potential i want to use it more & correct the balances.

Hi @cgcltd

Let me send you a private message to get some account details, and once we know the situation on your account, we should be able to advise further.

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