Order Acknowledgement

Is there a way to create an order acknowledgment before actually invoicing customer.

I can see that you can create an estimate (Quote) but normally a customer will take this quote and place an order, we then normally send an order acknowledgement as it can be some weeks before we actually ship the goods and send the final invoice.

It would be useful to take an estimate and convert this into an order acknowledgement using the details in the quote and then convert into a final invoice when the goods are ready to ship.

Perhaps this can be done and I am not understanding the process in QuickFile

We have an estimate/quotation system built in to QuickFile, these can then be issued to clients allowing them to accept/decline. Following the client’s instruction the estimate is then converted to an invoice.

I’m really not convinced there’s a case for sandwiching in another document between this process, usually the invoice is acknowledgement of an order? I suppose you could use the letter creation tool to template a response if you wished.

I am not sure just sending an invoice works, orders are often received without generating any estimate/quote so the only mechanism to acknowledge the order would be to send an invoice. However if a product was not shipping for some weeks and also the final shipping date is not known then it makes no sense to send an invoice especially as QuickFile expects an entry in the payable within/due field.

Other packages such as sage provide the capability to provide an oder acknowledgement or at least to use a custom template to create an order acknowledgement. Would it be that difficult to add in the invoice section under more options the ability to have ‘view as order acknowledgement’ like you have ‘view as delivery note’. If the Invoice header was then replaced with Order Acknowledgement header and perhaps ‘Due date’ field was removed and then you could send a PDF acknowledgement and then when the goods are ready to ship actually send the invoice.

I know a lot of businesses that send Order Acknowledgements so cannot believe it is not quite a common requirement for a lot of businesses.

Following a quick search of the forum I couldn’t find any prior requests for “Order Acknowledgements”. However I think this post is relevant. I’m pretty sure this is close to what you’re looking for? I would suggest adding your vote here, it’s easier if we track it under one thread.

It may be something we look at if there’s a clear demand. Unfortunately we’re at the point now where very few things are simple to implement. Even something like this would take several days to fully develop and test, so we just need to prioritise all feature developments based on demand.

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