Partial payment from credit to pay down a small part of multiple invoices

Dear All, I have received a payment from a client which disputes all of the recent invoices, but has agreed to pay for the expenses part of all the outstanding invoices. I have allocated the payment to credit, but as soon as I want to apply a payment from credit it allocates the whole credit to that invoice. If I select a small amount in the dialogue box while still enabling payment from credit, it then takes both money from credit AND creates a new transaction for the small amount rather than taking that amount from credit.

How can I allocate just a small amount of payment from credit to multiple invoices to pay down just the expenses element of each of the outstanding invoices from that credit?

Hi @Fredrik

It’s not possible to use part of a prepayment for an invoice unfortunately, but there is a workaround.

There’s a guide in our knowledge base which focuses on splitting payments. Essentially, what you would need to do is have a dummy bank account which would be used to split the payment up between the invoices.

For example, if you have £200.00 coming in, to pay off 3 invoices (£25, £100 and £75), you would have something like this:

  • Money In (£25) - Tagged to invoice #0001
  • Money In (£75) - Tagged to invoice #0002
  • Money In (£100) - Tagged to invoice #0003
  • Money Out (£200) - Tagged as a transfer to your current account (and would also create the corresponding transaction for you in your current account)

The last transaction would replace to actual money in transaction from the credit. So if you’ve already tagged the money in transaction in your current account as a pre-payment, you should be able to safely delete this and remove it from the client’s account, and use the above method instead.

Although your post relates to clients, there is a similar topic here relating to supplier prepayments, which you may want to add your vote to.

I hope this helps.

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