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Passing on card handling charges


Yep we have the same issue with Worldpay…percentage for credit cards and fixed for debit cards (which are fairly inconsequential, 17p I think?). We just work it into the cost of our product.

Unfortunately this aspect is what makes the whole thing more difficult as you end up writing custom code for every processor which we really don’t want to do. Also I think SagePay is an exception here as most payment providers don’t allow you to configure a surcharge based on what card is selected.



Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the reply. Can I assume that you’re unlikely ever to implement this feature? I’d just like to know so we can make an informed decision as what to do!




The credit card surcharge facility in SagePay requires that we upgrade to version 3 of the protocol, this means replacing our existing HTTP integration with their new XML system. It’s a complete rewrite on our side (2-3 days work min) so at this stage it’s not something we can commit to. If other user support this we’ll certainly reconsider.



I have been wondering what to do about this as well as I had a customer pay by Stripe which left me with having to cover the charges. I’d rather not add the charge to all invoices as a default so if there could be some standard charger per processor that would be a good start.

You mention adding e.g. 2.5% but stripe also add a fixed fee as well (20p I think) and while it is reasonably inconsequential it would be handy if this could be accounted for.

For the volume that are paying by these methods currently and in the near future I’d be happy with just raising an invoice against the client for the charges after the event where necessary.



Im a new member, and this feature would be REALLY great. I dont usually offer Paypal as a payment method, but it makes a lot of sense, IF I can pass on the cost. Any update on if this will ever happen?



I have been following this thread, but it seems to have gone cold. This would be a real asset for us to pass the charges on automatically to our customers, is this going to be something that can happen in the very near future?



Hi Glenn, I am a new user of QuickFile and really like the features, but it would be really useful to specify handling charges (fees) for various payment gateways. I am considering PayPal (the most expensive but popular), Stripe (great for credit cards) and GoCardless. It is not worth for me to sign up for WorldPay or Sage at this stage.
I would like to pass the fees to my clients though, so if they choose that option it would be great if they could see the notice that the specified fee will be applied and see the final value.

I liked your idea of pre-determining the fees for each payment method.

Is there any update on this?
Many thanks



Sorry no update as yet, we are committed on work for the next two months but I will hopefully be able to provide an update thereafter.



Thank you - even a simple “blanket” fee added per payment gateway would be great, and more detailed solution implemented later.

On a side - as a new user I just want to say that the system seems very good, I am planning to employ it for me as a freelance musician (sole-trader) and for my limited company as well. Thanks!

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Thank you for your positive feedback, I think we will do as you suggested and have a fixed amount or percentage configurable per payment provider. At least then users can recover some of their costs when processing card fees.



I’m pleased to advise that we now have a provision for setting fixed or percentage based card handling charges that can be configured for specific payment providers.

We’ve covered this feature in more detail on our dedicated guide below.

Adding an automatic charge for card payments

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That’s great! Thank you very much for reacting so quickly. It is a very useful feature and will allow me to activate on-line payments now (I was avoiding them due to those fees previously).

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Note that it’s worth mentioning in this thread that the new API for SagePay was implemented a few months ago which allows you to set different percentage or fixed fee charges for different card types and currencies.

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would it be possible that when a client pays this fee, a line is created in the respective invoice or a new invoice automatically (accounting for VAT on the charge as per the VAT rules) ?

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Hi @socialmedia

It’s not possible at the moment I’m afraid. You would need to either amend an existing invoice to add this line, or create a new invoice manually.