PAYE income with tax/NI deductions

Hello @Jamesk

As you rightfully mention, PAYE shouldn’t really be included in QuickFile, for a few reasons - besides the tax calculation, it could potentially make it more difficult to leave a clear audit trail should HMRC raise any queries about the account activity. Besides that, the PAYE income isn’t business activity but rather employment.

However, that said, you can enter figures into the tax summary report, which may help. There’s more on this in the following post (although the post refers to pensions rather than employment):

To add to that, when it came to doing my own self assessment for 16-17, my PAYE figures had already been filled in by HMRC as they hold this information from RTI submissions. I’m unsure if this has rolled out to everyone or if it’s just a select few, but it saved me a job.