Payment by PayM

Can you please consider adding PayM as another method of invoice payment?
It would be the PayM logo with the registered mobile phone number to receive the payments.

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Do banks actually accept this as payment for business accounts? I’ve got it set up for my personal account, but never seen an option for business accounts. I’m with HSBC

I’m with HSBC - I have set-up and registered a mobile number for our people to make use of.
It’s not that obvious on registering on the HSBC website. I only found it when logging off. And then of course you have to log on to register. I have tested it for real and it does work.
Best of luck

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I’ll have to take a look at that!

Anyway, to answer your question, what you could do is add the PayM logo to your invoices (take a look at this topic), and add the mobile number there too.

Then just either import them using QuickFile’s bank feeds, or manually input them as and when you reconcile it with your bank statements.

I’m not sure there would be an automated way for Quick File to detect and import these due to constraints within the banking system on sharing data (except Barclays), but I could be wrong.

I don’t have a great deal of knowledge on PayM but understand it works in a similar way to Barclays PingIt, whereby a mobile phone number is linked to a bank account for sending and receiving money?

Does the PayM app have a QR code scanner, or do you need to manually key in the mobile number of the recipient? Displaying a QR code on an invoice shouldn’t be too difficult using the method @Parker1090 suggests.

The way I use PayM for my personal banking is linked through the HSBC android app using just a mobile number.

There’s no QR scanner that I’m aware of, so you would have to key in the mobile number.

I’d imagine it would be the same for HSBC business, although the last time I checked, their business app for android was shocking

With PayM being used from on a mobile device and an account keyed to a mobile number, I would imagine the scope for integrating into QuickFile would be limited. It may just be a case of displaying a mobile number? In which case this could be included in the payment terms.

We have a HSBC account here so I will try this out later.

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