Paypal Cash Advance

Hi @Paulwk1972

I’d suspect you would record it as a standard loan as per this post, and you would end up with an extra step in your PayPal fees. However, assuming PayPal doesn’t charge interest, just the £12 fee, instead of adding interest, you would record the fee. Effectively meaning the loan account would start at -£1,012.00

You are most likely to have this sort of activity in your PayPal account for your sales:

IN £100.00 from client A
OUT £2.50 to PayPal as fees tagged as an invoice or direct to bank changes (or custom nominal)
OUT £2.50 to PayPal as transfer to the loan account from the above post
OUT £95.00 as a transfer to your current account.

Hopefully I’ve understood correctly, and hopefully that makes sense!