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Prepayments issue


Trying to sort out VAT submission and have 2 issues:

1- Prepayments coming up with no VAT which are invoices which I do not understand why they are not coming as invoices

2- In addition I am also having an issue with a client who should be EC VAT not on the EC Sales list


Hello @Asmaa

Are you on cash or accrual accounting? If it’s cash accounting, you would have accounted for the VAT on this payment at the time the prepayment was recorded rather than on the invoice. Only if the invoice is a different rate to what was specified for the payment would it show in the VAT report.

Are all the client settings set correctly? Is the invoice marked as an EC reverse charge invoice?

Hi still struggling with these prepayments, they have the VAT:

the thing is that I made a PO and it was paid in 3 individual payments 2 in may and 1 in july will it do the vat later

In regards to my EC sales yes it is and am confused

If you are on cash accounting the VAT will be accounted for at the time of the payment. Likewise, if you’re on acrual accounting, it will be accounted for on the invoice date.

Regarding the EC sales, please feel free to send me account and invoice details in a private message and we’ll check this out at the earliest opportunity for you.

I am not sure how to private message

Sorry about this am really struggling

No problem - I’ll send one to you now :slight_smile:

For reference, there’s some instructions here; How to send a private message on the forum

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