Print supplier payment - remittance advice

Is it possible to print the supplier payment document so I can send to the supplier to inform them what invoices have been paid?

ie. A remittance advice for suppliers.



@Kirsty this is something we plan to do! It’s been raised before and we will look at this as soon as we have time. I’ve converted the thread to a feature and we will update you when we are able to review this.

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Just a thought…When logging a payment to a sales invoice we’ve added the facility to send an email to the client. We could implement something similar for purchase invoices as a way of notifying suppliers that the invoice has been paid. Would this work for you?

It would work to a degree, but sometimes we can be paying off 30+ invoices at one time so it would be time consuming to send an email for each individual one and would look a little unprofessional.


Glenn, I would find what you propose very useful, i.e. to provide the facility to send an email to the supplier when we make payment against a supplier invoice, just ask you have for sales. So a +1 vote if such a thing counts!

I’ve put this on our short-term plan so we should have it implemented soonish (1-3 weeks).


I am looking into Quickfile for a small arts charity. We have a gallery and sell artists work. This would be invaluable addition to me, especially to notify the artists payments via bank transfer. Sooner the better for me. :smile:

The work has actually been done to send payment confirmation emails, it’s just we haven’t deployed it yet…should be done sometime this week.

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Brilliant news :smiley:

@u4h37u, @Paula_Dower the remittance advice (by email) has now been implemented. When logging a payment to a purchase invoice you will see a checkbox where you can send an email to the supplier.

If you want to customise the message you can do so in the Account Settings menu, then select Email customisation. You can also just click the link in the example above You can modify this template here.

This is great news Glenn. Adding to this what is the best way to issue a payment covering multiple supplier invoice’s? Does it have to go through the bank section and mark invoices off? I have tried via supplier section and ticking the invoice’s first but didn’t seem to work.
Thank you

You can do this a number of ways, one by tagging from the bank and opting to allocate to multiple invoices, the other is to bring up the invoice management screen, check the invoices you want to pay and click the ‘Update as Paid’ button. Personally I would always use the latter, I tend to work backwards from the bank to ensure I never need to do any bank reconciliation.

Great Glenn second option works perfectly, I had missed the update as paid button and tried using the “credit card” looking button which only wanted to pay one line.
Much appreciated.

Apologies Glenn, just one thing on this - I cannot see them “send an email notification to supplier” button when I bulk pay this way. I can see it on individual payments but not for bulk?

Ah…I’m afraid that’s the catch when using this method, no email notification. We can certainly look at adding this as an improvement on what we already have…I’ll leave this thread open so we can track this.


Hi Glenn, this feature is imperative…
QF is the third online system I’ve used, and something I overlooked when I was reviewing the possibility of using QF, simply because this is something that is at the core of every retail or manufacturing business… Paying Suppliers.

I think you’re nearly there however, so all we need is the ability to check the invoices we want to pay, update as paid, and then have the option to email a PDF remittance to the supplier. If we don’t tell the supplier exactly what we are paying they will allocate the money however they want, and often it’s wrong.

So… we need to also be able to look up the previous payments and email a copy remittance to the supplier when they query what we are paying because they’ve incorrectly allocated old payments.

I’m just making my first pay run with my suppliers using QF right now, so I’m going to check all the invoices and then export to CSV so that I can send the supplier something simple to understand.

This is a workaround of course, but for anyone else who’s having the same issue it beats manually going through the records.

We already have a facility to email a supplier when a payment is lodged, this email can also be customised. I’m not clear why it needs to actually physically send a PDF document to back this up?

Well, I guess I can only speak for myself and anyone else involved in bespoke retail products, but as a Small Business owner I don’t have much time, so I work hard to make sure that where ever I can, I have a slick way of doing things.
When I pay my suppliers, I want to simply click the invoices that I’m paying, hit a button, and have the supplier notified by email with a list of invoices and CREDIT notes that I’m paying.
I don’t want to have to write stuff down, or leave a screen for another screen to make this notification. All the info is there within the DB, I just need to report it.
Granted, i suppose it doesn’t have to be a PDF, but it is the most widely used document format, and one with which I’ve never had a problem. HTML docs don’t always display properly, and Word/excel docs are not always able to be read.

You say there’s a facility there already for emailing a supplier, but does it show a list of invoices and credits, and is it available from the purchase management screen, or can one only use it from the bank tagging screen?

If you want to mail me privately, I can show you around my previous accounts package to explain what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong Glenn, I like QF alot, so I’m not moaning, after all… it costs me nothing, which i’m grateful for. I just hope I can pay you guys back by way of feedback.

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I really believe the emphasis should be on getting the information to the supplier in the clearest and most readily accessible way. I agree PDF has become the de facto method of document exchange on the web, but I believe things are changing here as web applications, HTML and even email becomes much richer.

PDFs are static documents that are not easy to format and chew up bandwidth lugging them around the web. Whenever we create a PDF on Quick File the obvious next questions will be…How do I add my logo?, how do I change the font?, I want to move this box over here etc etc. So creating the PDF is the easy part, developing a myriad of control to satisfy the demand for customisation is much much harder. What this does is add a lot of dead weight to the application and make it harder to manage and adapt in the future, we go to great lengths to avoid this.

I do however agree that right now there’s no good way of notifying the supplier that this payment is being allocated to this invoice. I definitely think we can improve the template so it delivers a list of invoices to which the payment is being assigned… This has been noted.

I would never dare to say the applications is anywhere near perfect, and I always appreciate feedback… I just have some philosophical views on how things should be done, it may seem like a rant but I’m thinking about every feature in terms of development hours vs usefulness to the broadest number of users :smile:

I do agree with you to some extend. Indeed, I’d be satisfied with an HTML email at this stage so long as it lists the invoices.

So can we put it on the to do list :wink: