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Print supplier payment - remittance advice


At the moment the remittance advice email can be used for assigning a single payment to a single invoice. It is our intention to also allow remittance advice emails to be sent when bulk assigning payments to multiple invoices although this does require an entirely different template so there is some work to be done here. We will update this thread when we have had time to look at this in more detail.


Hi Glenn,

I agree that to be able to send the email notification (remittance) from the banking page when tagging as paying down multiple invoices to a supplier would be a very useful great feature, even on the flip side too to let customers know how you have allocated their payments, though i guess this is less commonly done.

Many thanks for all your hard work!


Hi Glenn,

I found this from a search for precisely this feature. As a charity, most of our payments are made by cheque, so a printed remittance advice covering the several invoices the payment covers is really important for us. At the moment, I’m having to do it by hand, which is a real pain.

Whilst the email advice is useful, for us, we’d need somethign printed. Also, a single payment takes only a few seconds to write on the cheque or on a note, but with multiple payments a printed one saves so much time.



Hi Glenn

Can a remittance be cobbled togther from the ‘allocated to’ in payment history?

When you view the payment it lists the individual amounts this would need to pull in information from the supplier invoice ie their reference and date and you have a remitance.

Barclays feed not running correctly

We do plan to eventually allow those payment slips to be composed into a PDF. This in itself is not complicated for us to implement however adding all the trimming that users will request in terms of customisation is a much bigger challenge.

We will most likely do this in two stages, however we are very busy with other areas right now but we will return to this.


Pleased to say this has now been implemented, you can view more details here:

Notice: Printing Payment Slips

I also cover some planned additions to this feature in the link above.


We’ve made a small update that will now allow you to rename these Payment Slips. The idea is that if you are issuing them as Remittance Advice notices you can now head them up as such.

This option is available in Account Settings >> Advanced Features.

The name you update here will be applied as follows:


Can I just add another vote for being able to send an email to a supplier when we pay off several invoices in one payment.
E.g. We owe supplier A for:

  • Invoice 1: £50
  • Invoice 2: £25

We make a bank transfer of £75 and log this through the invoice management system as ‘Allocate one lump payment then use this to pay down selected invoices’. Sending an email at this stage would be very useful. Currently I create the two separate payments so that I can send the emails, then delete them and allocate the lump sum so that it matches with the bank statement.
A different but related feature is to send payment confirmation emails from the invoice management screen when someone pays us, rather than going into each invoice to log the payment so that we can send the email.


Hi All
I know this is an old thread but I dont see any of these tick boxes and it is a feature I want for both clients and suppliers …I have been through all the settings and read this thread several times but i cant find anything that shows me how to do the set up…sorry I may just be being really thick or something…please help


@Rapid-esl - Providing you have an email address saved for the supplier you should see an option to send an email notification to them when saving a payment, either by using the Log Payment option, or by bank tagging