Project Tagging Enhancements

We’ve just added a few enhancements to the project tagging module.

See all your tags from the invoice management screen

If you glance up to the top right hand corner on the invoice management screen (also applies to purchases, purchase orders, quotations and recurring invoices) you will now see an additional button Show Tags.

When you click this it will rebind the list of invoices with all the project tags sitting below the description. You can click on these project tags to jump straight into the project details screen.

This feature will make it easy to get a quick overview of how a bunch of items have been tagged.

Apply, Remove, Replace Tags in Bulk

Also within the invoice management screen we have added a button Update Tags. If you select a few items on the list you now have the ability to add, remove or replace tags in bulk (50 at a time).

As with the tag visibility option you can now apply bulk tags to sales invoices, purchase invoices, quotations, recurring invoices and purchase orders!

We hope you find these additions to be useful, please let us know your thoughts.


Yaay Glenn and Quickfile!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :smile:

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This looks great, what would be fantastic wold be the ability to add project tags when tagging from the bank. Preferably from a drop down list - rather than having to go back to it in sales/purchases afterwards. Or go all the way and have it available in auto bank taging too!

Is it possible to filter the view to show the “untagged items?”

Is it possible to set a default tag for all expenses and invoices?
Or maybe a Report for a “unttaged project” so we can have the invoices and expenses that has not any tag.


@Glenn I just notice that this is 2 years old. Sorry for recovering but it seems the best place to ask for this.

I’m afraid not, although this is something that I agree would be useful. We will try to address this in due course although I can’t provide any time scales at this stage.

As of last week you can set client and supplier project tag defaults, you can also enter the project tags inline when you create the invoice.

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The defaults will do!
I will wait for further improvements. No hurry. :slight_smile:

Hi - great progress. I wanted project tags on purchase invoice import which isn’t there yet but i tried a workaround with default supplier tags. Unfortunately, the supplier’s default project tag is not applied on invoice import. Can this be changed?


Hello @pickthalld

This should be picked up already so apologies if this isn’t the case. I’ve logged it with our development team for review.

@pickthalld - This should now be resolved. Would you mind giving it a go and letting me know if that works please?

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Yes that’s resolved - thanks for such a quick resolution!