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Purchase ledger credit notes

How do you process purchase ledger credit notes?

Hi @leosoloman

Welcome to the community!

Can you provide us with a bit more detail about the situation please and hopefully we can point you in the right direction?

For example - is the credit note against a particular invoice? Is it a goodwill credit? Have they refunded the funds to you or held them on account?


I am just starting with opening balances some of which are negative

Thanks for the details.

In this case you have 2 options:

  1. When they invoice you (and therefore deduct the credit), you could enter it this way as a negative line on the invoice. Or,

  2. Treat it like a goodwill credit and record it as a prepayment: Supplier Special Offer Credits / Goodwill Gestures / Credit Discounts


I don’t really get this. What happens generally if a supplier sends me a credit note - can you not just process a credit note?

Also from your instructions … b. Now click on the supplier’s name ‘Parcel2Go’ to be taken to the supplier’s control panel, from there click ‘Add Credit’:

I don’t see this ‘add credit’ button.

Please help


Hi Leo,

Apologies for any confusion - I’ve updated the instructions in the previous post as I appreciate that was posted some time ago. I’ve updated the screenshots too so hopefully it’s a bit easier to follow.

I do believe however, this post is going to be a better to fit to what you’re doing: Adding a credit to a supplier from previous accounts

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