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Purchase order - inventory facility

Great idea to build even a simple inventory system into QF for now.

Very good and agreed!

Has there been any movement on this requested feature?, it would save me a lot of time constantly typing out regularly purchased items.


Hi @Rob

No movement here I’m afraid. However, if have any updates, providing you’ve subscribed to this topic (it’ll say ‘Watching’ at the bottom of the page), then we’ll send you an email.

In the interim could you not just copy old purchase orders to save starting from scratch every time? Maybe even make one with all of the most common items on and then just copy it and then delete the not required lines.

Hi Lurch

Although this would be possible, the volume of regular orders I would need to copy into one PO would be too many, it would take me longer deleting the ones I don’t need each time I raise a PO.

The purchase orders themselves are rarely identical, it is individual line items that repeat, imagine a list of 300 different colours, with individual orders of any number of these colours typically 5-15 at any time.



I would definitely use an inventory system incorporated into Quick File. This is one of the only drawbacks I have found using this software.

The accounting software used before switching had a separate inventory system attached which updated the items when invoicing those items to customers. This helped a lot knowing what to order and who is buying what.

Would be a great addition to Quickfile in my opinion. Has there been any movement on the previous suggestions?

Hi @Dinky, there is an inventory system already for sales invoices (see link below). This thread is specifically about extending or creating a new inventory system for purchase orders.

Setting up reusable inventory items

In regards to the purchase order inventory, this remains something that we would like to look at but it will likely follow support for purchase order quantities.

Hi Glen,
Is there any movement on using the inventory list for purchase orders?

You already know how much i love quickfile, and i would migrate all my clients if i could - i’m not asking for a full stock control system (although that would be fab too :wink: ), just the ability to pick up the item descriptions and pull them on to purchase orders. - in exactly the same way as you would for a sales order.

I also know that there is nothing “just” about doing this - I’ve been sat with my client next to me seeing if we can do everything that they use their current system for , and this is the stumbling block - they were wowed until then.




Hi @Anna

There’s no movement on this at the moment. We’ll be sure to update this thread if anything changes here

thanks for your quick response - We would be happy to use exactly the same inventory list as the sales list - without purchase prices for now - if that would make it an easier/quicker enhancement, so we would just put the suppliers price into the order manually - just being able to lift an item description off the list would make a massive difference!
I’ll keep watching the thread - if you need any input - i’d love to help!


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I am pleased to confirm that we have now extended the inventory system to work with Purchase Orders.

You can get more information on this here.

If you have any suggestions or feedback in relation to this new feature please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Hi Glenn

Have you had any more thoughts on copying this over to Purchase invoices? as mentioned in this post Purchase Order Quantities & Inventory

As we are on the flat rate screen I find it difficult to use the purchase orders due to not showing vat which our suppliers prefer, I therefore produce direct purchase invoices and therefore spend many hours typing out all the recurring items we need to purchase,

Thanks Rob

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Hi @Rob

It’s been on our list of things to do. However I’m pleased to say that it was implemented this afternoon, you can now use the inventory feature on your purchase invoices.

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Superb! so much time saved with this, many thanks Glenn

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Now that the inventory has been copied to the purchase invoices, would it possible to copy the quantity field also?


@Rob I’m afraid it’s not something that’s on our mid to short term plan. You may however want to add your vote to the following feature discussion.

Purchase item quantity and unit costs

I’ve added my vote to the suggested thread, I was actually very surprised that this wasn’t included with the recent purchase screen update.

This gets my vote also, I could really do with a quantity field in the purchase invoice screen.

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