Purchase Payment is Currently Unallocated

I have been into my current account and tagged payments I have made to suppliers. However when I go into “Purchases / View Payments” it says all my payments are “Currently unallocated”. Does this mean I have to raise a purchase invoice for each and then match it? If so how do I do this?

Do I have to do the same for sales coming in. i.e. do all payments I make and income I receive need to be allocated to an invoice?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @sparklesugarcraft

If you’re using QuickFile to it’s full extent (e.g. full profit and loss rather than just keeping track of money in and out), then I’d advise you to input your purchases and raise sales invoices too, and assign the payments.

How you raise the salea invoices depends on you and your business. Some businesses, let’s say a butcher, would just want to record what they sell on a daily/weekly basis. Whereas a business consultant will want to invoice each business separately. I’ll find some guides for you shortly to put you on the right track :slight_smile:

Using these features will help you keep a record of your profit and loss too, ready for your tax return

Here’s a few guides that may help:

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