Purchase Reference - Recurring

Quickie Question - Do you still have to add PR: in front of any entry you make in the Recurring Invoice template Short reference or can you omit it?

Where has this ‘PR:’ reference been used? I’ve not actually seen this one (although that may just be me!)

For example:

PR:ABC123 will carry forward to every invoice created and will appear in the purchase reference box as ABC123

Don’t forget to ensure that in your invoice customisation settings you have the purchase reference filed visible.

Also referenced in Oct 13

Based on @Glenn’s post here:

If you want the reference to carry forward to new purchases (for example, it may be a part invoice for a bigger job), then prefix it with “PR:”

However, if it’s a one off reference (for example if may be rent invoice every month with a different reference), then don’t prefix it with “PR:”, just enter it s as it is

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