Record invoice as B/S account, not as P/L (expense)

We run a client account and some invoices should go against client account (i.e. Balance Sheet) versus a type of expense (i.e Profit & Loss). At the moment I can only select a type of expense for any purchase.

How can I achieve that?


You can post purchases to certain BS codes, they are suffixed with [asset].

Any new code you add in the range 0-2999 on the chart of accounts should be accessible from the purchase invoice screen.

Let me know if there’s any specific code you can’t get access to?

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Thanks Glenn.

I created an account 2103 for example where I need to put some of the invoices issued and received as well.

I could not see how I could do it.

Many thanks.

Ah ok, yes on the sales side it isn’t possible to post to BS codes directly only codes within the 4000-4999 range. There is an open feature request here where I would recommend you add your vote.

In the mean time it would require a journal to move the balance.

How can I vote for the feature? I am not familiar to this yet…

Also - can’t see my 2103 account to allocate the purchase to it directly. If I check the chart of accounts the account is there, however it doesn’t appear on tagging invoices. Any reason why it wouldn’t?

You just basically add a comment, or like the original post. We track all feature requests based on these activities.

I’ve just updated 2103 to also work as a purchase code, please retry now.

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