Recurring invoice variables

Good afternoon Quick File team,

I tried variable tool:
||MONTH|| - monthly support.
Created invoice, in preview it had this words ||MONTH|| - monthly support. instead of August - monthly support.
When i tried it in the tool it worked but when I put it in the description - not.
Please point out for me correct way of doing it

Thank you

Hi @IrMa

In the recurring template preview, it won’t convert the variables to their actual values, but it should highlight them in yellow, like this:

Does this happen for you?

Morning QF team,

Yes it did :slight_smile:

Thank you

As long as it highlights like that, it will convert to the actual variable when the invoice itself is generated (e.g. ||MONTH|| will convert to August if it generated an invoice today).

But the fact they are in yellow means the system has picked them up, and they will work :slight_smile:

Understand :slight_smile:

Thank you for quick response

I have another question about order of display of purchase invoices,
every time I open this tab they in the random order, is there a way to tell system how I want them to be displayed ? so the system will show them that way every time?

All invoices (both sales and purchases), I believe they are ordered by date. There’s more details and reasoning in this topic:

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