Recurring Invoices - Manual Frequency

Our Customers regularly require the same parts or kits making, but at random intervals, I therefore need to use recuring invoices but set the frequency to manual or none, and then when the work is dispatched I tell the invoice to be re-issued but with a different order number etc, can this be done?

If not can you suggest a method I can use to do this other than finding a simualr sales invoice is the sales invoices and copying as something like reccuring invoices give a seperate screen which could show all your regular work invoices.

I’m currently using estimates, but this looks messy and not ideal to use.

The nature of the recurring invoices is that it generates the invoices automatically, so creating it as a template wouldn’t be possible unfortunately.

This would be the only way at the moment, unless it was just one line. In which case, you can use inventory items.

Are there particular invoices that you would be copying on a regular basis? Perhaps project tags may help isolate these?

We use inventory, but each invoice can be made up of many items.
Tags is ok but again no nice screen section to go to to select a regular templeted invoice, also wouldn’t allow for setting up future invoice templets not used yet.

So estimates even though not ideal seems to be the only way at the mo unless recurring invoice frequency had a “none” option.

Do you have any sugestions on setting up a Sales order purchases account (orders placed on us) which when completed are converted into invoices. I would like to input somewhere a sale order that has come in and when complete convert to invoice. This would enable me to see my work in progress work load and total work in progress?


I could probably do this relaitively easily from the website via the API actually, or simplify it and make effectively a list of bookmarks that would just generate an invoice in Quickfile if this was for more than the website repeat orders.

A recurring invoice can be set to issue only once, something we do to create invoices in advance of the issue date but you can set them to run on the day of creation. The invoice is then paused. You can reactivate it by editing the template and changing the start date.

For inclusion of a purchase reference this thread has details

Thanks FolkLondon
I missed the fact you can set the number of Occurrences, I’ll give this a go and see if it works for us.

As always it came to me in the night! To make a custom link to copy an invoice of your choosing…

In global customisations add;

$(document).ready(function() {
if (location.hash.slice(1,5) == 'copy') {
    Modal.confirm("Are you sure you want to make a copy of this invoice?", function() {
        var n = location.hash.slice(-8), t = "invoiceID=" + n; 
        loadingOverlayVisibility("Working on it..", !0);
        type: "GET",
        url: "/handlers/invoice/duplicateInvoice",
	async: !0,
        dataType: "json",
        data: t,
        success: function(n) {
            n.jval.success === "true" ? location.assign("/sales/create?invoiceID=" + n.jval.newInvoiceID) : (loadingOverlayVisibility(" ", !1), Modal.alert("Ooops!! Something just broke. Here is the error: " + n.jval.errorMsg));
        error: function() {
            loadingOverlayVisibility(" ", !1);
            Modal.alert("We have been unable to duplicate this document, please retry later.");

And then on the dashboard add a link (where xxxxxxxx is the QF invoice ref (the one you see when you hover over the link to the invoice in your list of sales));

The subscription is going to run out on my test account in a couple of days so get your requests in quick!


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