Register money held on account by supplier when setting up Quickfile


When I started using Quickfile (April 2017) we already had money held on account by South East Water (£84). I ignored it and just handled the £1 monthly DD payments. However the supplier has now changed to Castle Water and South East Water has paid the money held on account (£84) into our bank account.

I tried to issue a credit note against an existing invoice but that doesn’t work because we have just been paying £1 per month and so the credit note value would exceed the invoice value.

How do I record this please?

thanks, Karen

Hi @Karen_Scott

There are 2 ways for a credit to be applied to a supplier - either a credit note, or add a prepayment. There’s another post on the forum which may be able to help with this: Enter opening Credit Notes without depositing to the bank


That’s great, thanks. How do I then register this as being refunded into the current account as a payment?

Just to confirm, your supplier now has a payment on account, and you wish to refund this back to the current account. Is that right?

Yes please. They automatically transferred it into our current account when the supplier changed.

No problem - just wanted to make sure we’re on the same wavelength :wink:

If you go to the supplier view, and select View >> All payments, and do an advanced search for Unallocated payments. Any payments that are unallocated will be those held on your suppliers account.

Go into the payment in question, and click Refund Balance, and follow the steps.

Hope that helps!

There’s a little clip showing how to do this, in this post: Credit On Account - Reimbursement

This does look at the client rather than a supplier, but the concept is the same.