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Removing field in client statement


Hi Glenn
is there a way to remove the Invoiced (eg last 30 days) field in the statement

For credit control, when a client has a number of invoices overdue I send them a statement.
The final amount outstanding shows well as does the list of individual invoices overdue…

But the Invoiced (last 30 days) comes up in print /PDF as just “Invoiced” and is usually a different amount to the total amount outstanding…

This looks pretty confusing to the client…

E.g. recently a series of monthly invoices was unpaid by a client… the total amount overdue correctly listed on the statement as £210 but the Invoiced field listed £60…




If you have a Power User Subscription you can use the Advanced Customisation tools to achieve this. You’d just need to add the following to your Client Statement CSS.

.invoice-label-row2 {


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