Reporting non financial details

Is it possible to get reports for Supplier details, and customer details. I have a large number of suppliers, and need to stay on top of their contact details etc. I also note you have data relating to how long it takes to pay suppliers, it would be useful to have a report that gave this data too.

Hi @Danny

You may find our account back up useful for this, as it would export all your suppliers and clients into separate .csv files (amongst other data). You can perform an account back up by following this guide:

In regards to the time it takes to pay report, this isn’t something we support at the moment and it is a bit trickier to add. To quote my colleague from a previous post:

I don’t believe this is something we could support at the moment, but you’re welcome to start a separate feature request thread for this and we can certainly look into it further if there’s enough demand within the QuickFile community.

Thanks for the reply. I have set up the automatic backups, and linked to my DropBox Acc. Will see what it looks like when it comes through.

Info has come through perfectly. How do I change to a different DropBox account?

Hi @Danny

You would need to disconnect the existing Dropbox link and connect the new one. This can be done from the same page that you connected it originally (Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integrations >> Dropbox integration)

Thanks for your assistance.

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