"S55A VATA 94 applies"

I have just opened new account on quickfile and this is the first time I came across that “S55A VATA 94 applies” rule.
I have google it in different configuration and each time I got HMRC results with some accountancy businesses and 2 from quckfile.
All but quickfile were about reverse charge in gas and electrocity, mobile phones and computers.
Your posts on quickfile suggest that this applies to all products sold to another VAT registered EU businesses.
So this is really confusing. For me, just 0% VAT column should be used. I sell watches.

Can you be more specific?

thank you.

By the way:

even in this post: Vat at 0% how to add on invoice?

Glenn placed a link to HMRC website https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-notice-735-vat-reverse-charge-on-specified-goods-and-services
(VAT Notice 735: VAT domestic reverse charge on specified goods and services).

“Specified Goods” - this term is important as HMRC explains what they are:

"The specified goods to which the reverse charge applies are:

mobile phones
computer chips
wholesale gas, and
wholesale electricity
The specified services are:

emission allowances.
A reverse charge definition for each of these is set out in the following paragraphs."

So clearly it does not apply to my case and probably do not apply to the person that asked the question in that post I’m referring to.

He didn’t say what he was selling, Glenn didn’t ask.

I believe there should be some indication that the reverse charge has been applied, although from what I understand this is not prescribed in law. There is a lengthy discussion here about the exact format of a reverse charge sales invoice here.

I think it would make sense to change the statement to something more generic such as “No UK VAT - Reverse Charge Applicable”. I have referred this for now, in the mean time you can hide that statement entirely using the following CSS.


Thank You

In the meantime - is there any way of adding 0% VAT rate.

I was trying to do it in management section, but only number bigger than zero got recorded.


If you select the menu option “No VAT” then this will apply 0% as the VAT rate.


when I choose “No VAT” the invoice do not display anything.
It looks like an invoice issued by self employed person that is not VAT registered.
I need to have a column that will say 0% VAT at the top or to have it displayed in the bottom part, where “totals” are.


If there’s no VAT then it will not show any VAT element in the footer. You can however switch on itemised VAT within the invoice customisation section and it will show the 0 VAT at the line item level.

Thnak you. That is exactly what I wanted.
Another thing is that I would like to have my customer’s VAT number to be also displayed.
How I can achieve that?



Regarding the client’s VAT number being displayed on your sales invoice, have a read through this thread: