Sales Orders?

Just come back to re-consider QuickFile, after seeing an email announcing some improvements have been made. These would help entice me over, but I still don’t seem to be able to find anything about Sales Orders! Surely there must be numerous potential (and current) users who like me need the facility to create customer orders with a deposit, to be later turned into an invoice when goods are ready. We manufacture and supply to 90% individuals, and orders and deposits are core to our procedures.

Is there any solution or work around?

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Hi @Robin_17D

Sales Orders is something that has come up previously and is still an open feature request (you may wish to add your vote by replying to the thread, here).

You could account for a deposit in several ways, depending on your situation. If you do a quick search on the forums for ‘deposit’, there are quite a few topics on this already.

Let me know if you need any help with this.

Can you achieve this using the estimate mechanism? You can customise the look and feel so they are called “order” instead of “estimate”.

But can I allocate a deposit to an estimate, and transfer it to an invoice later? It’ doesn’t matter so much what it looks like but must relate to the customer acount transactions

You can create an estimate (renamed to a “Sales Order”) then assign a prepayment to the client account, this can then later be attached to an invoice. I’m afraid it’s not possible to assign payments directly to estimates.

Does no-one else see this as an important feature? I don’t understand why the feature exists for purchases, with the inventory option and all that, but still no sales order feature. That’s my main problem stopping from moving over.

Currently we can create a quote, convert it to a order, with a deposit set against it, then convert to an invoice. (But our current software sucks on several other fronts!)

I’ll wait and hope then!

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There’s a feature request here for Sales Orders. It does have some interest, but it’s not one of the more popular requests we receive.

From what I understand it does require a whole new sub-section to be built which is likely to be a big job. Your interest has been noted though and if we are able to take this forward we will let you know.

Totally agree!

I have made mention also