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Set default vat rate on sales invoices to no vat?


Is it possible to set the default VAT rate on sales inbvoices to 0?

To clarify I mean here-screenshot


Hi @sientelo

This isn’t possible at the moment I’m afraid. I have however converted this topic to a feature request.

As per other feature requests, if there’s a demand from the community, we’ll take a look to see how feasible this would be.

Do you mean something like the one you can set for suppliers?
Default VAT

yes thats exactly what I mean.

I don’t charge vat on my sales which are to other countries outside uk vat, so I have to remember to always change the vat rate to 0 on each invoice I create.

If you are selling VATable goods/services but outside the EU, this would be out of scope rather than no VAT.

I think the option you should be using here is the out of scope VAT button, although you need to enable it first (as per my first screenshot above). The button then appears on the create invoice screen:

However, I’m not an accountant, so I’d recommend speaking to one about this.

VAT certainly isn’t my hot topic, so I could very well be wrong, but an accountant should be able to guide you in the right direction.

There’s also a useful guide here:

ok thanks for all your help. as you can see I’m no accountant either :grinning:

I dont understand why QuickFile has a box outside of the Scope for VAT in the sales area but then does not report it in Box 6 as required in VAT Notice 700/12 paragrapgh 3.7. Currently if this box is ticked the sale are not reported and they have to be added in. The sale invoice itself is correct it is just the reported sales. can their be more options?

Hi @Aspyre_Accountancy

This has come up previously on our forums. You can find more information regarding this in and older thread, here