Setting payment default options

Hi, Is there any way I can set the payment methods defaults please? for example, I would like all invoices paid in cash to automatically show that they have been apid from petty cash rather than current account without having to change it manually each time?


Hi @Camilla_DeBruin

There isn’t a setting to change this at the moment.

Do you have a Power User Subscription on your account? You may be able to use a bit of javascript to solve the problem.

I’d really like this option as well, we are a cash based business and 80% of our purchases are paid for with cash so having to change 2 options (not bank transfer but cash and not current account but petty cash) on every purchase invoice really adds to the time it takes to log them all. Added to this, if I accidentally miss changing one it can be a nightmare to track it down!

@kickstart we have a small update here that may simplify things for you.

From tomorrow whenever you select “Petty Cash” as the bank account it will automatically change the payment method to “Cash”, this will at least save sometime with data entry.

If you have a Power User Subscription we can also set a custom configuration on your account to also select the bank account, just let me know the last 3 digits of your QuickFile account number and I can get that arranged for you.

Just set this up for my payment defaults so that it defaults to my credit card account and credit card method - very easy and very useful feature. I’ll be looking for other places to use custom scripting now!

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When the Supplier is changed when entering a purchase, the “Paid From” dropdown is recreated by the function resetBankAccounts. I’ve had to overwrite that function to include a line the also sets my default account.

It would be great to set a default account in the company settings so that this can be achieved natively without overwriting system functions.

I’d find it useful to be able to specify a default payment method, perhaps for each supplier. Most of my payments to suppliers are automatically paid by debit card, but they end up being recorded as bank transfer after tagging. I know it doesn’t affect anything, but if there’s a very visible setting like this then IMHO we ought to be trying to get it right.

BTW I see a related post here, which was turned into a feature request (which we can vote on)… but if the topic automatically closes after 7 days then it’s no longer possible to vote on it? So how is this feature voting system meant to work?

Hi @drmrbrewer

The thread you linked to was actually posted before we introduced the voting feature. Even though it was older, the voting is automatically added to all threads in the #feature category on the forum.

Sometimes the system closes the threads in error (e.g. when they were originally posted to #support and turned into a feature request). I’ve reopened the thread you linked to.

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