Show expired recurring invoices separate to paused recurring invoices

I’ve noticed that when recurring invoices have been paid in full they appear in the paused list so have to check that they are not paused and have expired.Can these be shown separately in an expired list to save having to check each month

I’m going to convert to a “Feature request”, it’s not something we can easily change I’m afraid as we would need to use a dedicated status tag “EXPIRED”, rather than just setting to “PAUSED”.

I will leave this open and should it prove to be more popular we shall look further into this.

Just so you are aware Glen we use lots of recurring invoices here at Easy Accountants

This would be a really useful feature to add as we are really racking up a lorge number of paused DD’s and we have to search through for those that we have paused / not started to separate from the the expired ones.

We want to keep the expired ones though as we can use them to create new templates and the history of the payments on that expired template.

Our expired report is now massive running tio many pages and is taking loads of time to deal with.

Thanks in advance. Alg

Hi @alg

As a quick fix, if you’re looking to hide the expired invoices, you can use the archive feature.

Tick the invoices you wish to archive, select ‘More Options’ and click ‘Archive Selected’:

Alternatively, you could use the Advanced Search option to select just the active ones: