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Show more than one bank account on the dashboard


I’m new to QF. I have two business and two different bank account is it possible to have them showing on the same dashboard?


Welcome to QuickFile!

When you say you have 2 businesses, are you registered as one company with two different trading names, or are they registered individually?


I have two different company, with two different account.


Ah ok, I think I’m with you. If you have 2 QuickFile accounts, you can’t show them on the same account’s dashboard. Although I’m not sure if this is possible with an Affinity account though - perhaps @Glenn could shed some light on that one!


Thank you for that. I did try to add the bank account but which show but when I try to input details the came off my main account.


Is this 2 Limited Companies or are you a sole trader?


This is for two Limited Companies.


Then you should keep them completely separate from one another, i.e. two QuickFile accounts. If you mix together the activity of two Limited companies in a single account you will find it very difficult to produce any meaningful reports.

If you just want to manage two companies from one single dashboard then Affinity is the way to go.