Some invoices for days and some for hours

I have to invoice for ‘days’ of work and ‘hours’ of work at different times. Is there no way of doing this invoice by invoice?

Hi @Stephen_Wood

This is an account -level setting, so there is no way to do it on an invoice-by-invoice basis unfortunately.

That said, if you invoice particular clients in hours, and particular clients in days (but not mixed, or alternating), you could use the trading styles features if you have a Power User Subscription. Would that be a suitable option for you?

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately i don’t have that option at the moment.

Do you use just the time lines on invoices, or the item lines too?

I use time lines for invoices at the moment.

If you only use time lines, then it may be possible to change the heading on the item lines to something more relevant, like days for example. However, that again would be across all invoices.

For example, you could change the headings, similar to this (or whatever you wish for that matter):

The headings are customisable with a bit of CSS. There’s a guide to this in our knowledge base, but please let me know if you would like help to add this to your account :slight_smile: