Stopping automated invoice reminders on direct debit invoices

I love this product. I do a lot subscriptions and when an invoice is raised if it is not paid by the direct debit system within 7 days the client gets an automated overdue reminder.

Is there anyway i can turn off reminders for all invoices paid by direct debit?


Hi Mark

This isn’t an option at the moment. Generally a money isn’t considered yours until it’s confirmed by GoCardless, so it’s a bit tricky. Until that point, it could be cancelled or rejected.

There is a feature request topic for this, you may wish to take a look at. There’s also a link there which explains this in a bit more detail:

Yes I understand but from the client side if you have requested a Direct Debit payment it is out of their hands almost. The last thing I want to do is antagonise my DD Clients.

Thanks for the reply


The only thing I can suggest at the moment is either:

  1. turn off automatic reminders and manually send them (as per @Glenn’s post here), or
  2. disable the invoice reminders for individual invoices (see below)

To disable individual invoice reminders, go to Sales >> Outstanding Invoices (or click the ‘Money owed to you’ box on the dashboard), and then click the timer next to the invoice you wish to amend the reminders for:

Then just tick/amend the boxes that you wish:

You may also wish to add your vote to the topic I linked to above.

@rentprem It does indeed make sense to disable any auto-reminders where there’s a DD in progress.

I’ve updated the original feature request to “Planned”, if you follow that thread we should be able to update you in a week or two once it has been implemented.


Wow, I did not expect such a fast response. This is a great product and with all us beta testers together we will have the best accountancy product on the market. :wink:


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