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Supplier Credit Notes - Plumbing

I run a Plumbing business and have suppliers which gets paid net monthly. I have a credit note to enter. I am aware that i can create a negative invoice. This is probably the easiest route. this creates a problem for me where i have the option to allocate the credit note to my bank account, which isn’t an option as there is no such transaction. The second option is to allocate it to the supplier - so we’re getting there, but i then receive a list of invoices I can credit. Unfortunately, invoices i would like to credit do not appear on the list that shows up. It would be great if there was the ability, like most other accounting platforms, to create a credit notes which sits on the supplier account and then i can allocate it to any invoice i have entered thus far.
I am sure I used to be able to go to the supplier and create a credit note from there.
Something that might complicate this with your current ways of issuing a credit note as well is that on occations i might return items from different invoices spanning different months. How the payment for this particular supplier works is if a credit is issued in february for an item in January, the balance for february gets updated as i have paid all of january. I would then want to use the credit i received in february to credit one of the invoices in february. My supplier doesn’t give me a physical refund so the only way to do this is to credit a february invoice.
Jan inv1 - 10.00
Jan inv2 - 20.00
Jan inv3 - 15.00
Jan Statement Balance £45.00
Pay Jan totalling £45.00
Feb CN1 - 12.00 for items purchaced in Jan and possibly even feb.
Feb inv4 - 5.00
Feb Inv5 - 30.00
Feb inv6 - 10.00
Feb Statement Balance £33.00
Pay Feb £33.00
I then come along and want to enter all the above. I enter all the invoices. When i want to enter the CN, the list of invoices available for me to credit doesn’t show up the the list and may show a list.

I need to run for now, but will help clarify anything as required.

Yeah, this is where Quickfile falls short. Would be handy if you could add your vote to this thread.

The workaround is to go to the invoice you want to apply the credit note to, click More Options, Credit Note. Then when you have created the credit note you can go to the Receipt Hub and tag the credit note to the QuickFile CN. If you create the credit note from the Receipt Hub it doesn’t show any entries for unpaid invoices, which would be the simplest way of doing it as this is how credit accounts work.

I have found a way that works in my situation. But it might not work for everyone.
One one tab i have receipt hub open and read the info from here.
On a second tab i do the following:

  1. I go to my supplier outstanding invoices which still needs paying,
    2 click on view,
    3 Click more,
    4 click credit note
    5 Enter Supplier CN reference
    6 Enter CN date
    7 Change description
    8 delete amount and put in CN amount
    9 Save,

Go back to tab 1 and
1 input the negative amount
2 click or press tab - This should now bring up the CN you have just created on Tab 1 and MATCH.

You can then go back to the outstanding invoices on the supplier screen and you’ll see the CN’s have now appeared.

This is a temporary workaround for people in my situation - but i still would like this process to be made so much simpler by just adding a CREATE CN from the supplier tab!