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Tagging transactions via API


Hi, I have several thousand bank transactions which I need to bulk tag, but the criteria to select the transactions among the others is a bit complex. I. e. I could write a script to recognise those transactions, but can’t fit the criteria into the Quickfile standard filters.

Is there a way to tag transactions (post them to a particular account) via API?



Hi @Vlad

There isn’t a way to tag them via the API unfortunately.

There are a few ways to link payments to invoices however, depending on your situation.

If you are creating purchases via the API, there is an option to create a tagged transaction (for reference). However, there isn’t an option to do this for sales invoices.

We also offer a bulk tagging feature on the bank statement screen itself. There’s more on this here.

However, we can certainly consider a new API method, but generally like to see interest from the community before looking into this further.

I hope that helps